History & Awards


Small Foot was born in the mountain. The inventor Petar Dimitrov is a freeride snowboarder and designer of sports clothing. One day climbing up a snowy mountain peak he got stuck in the deep snow and had hard times getting out. There he came up with the idea of creating lightweight, compact and easy to pack-and-go snowshoes.

This is how Small Foot – the world’s first inflatable pocket-sized snowshoes were created – a unique rider-driven combination of design, functionality and lightweight. They are a revolutionary and innovative product based on the belief that there is no such thing as too deep snow.

After years of testing and improving the product proved to be sustainable and effective. Nowadays every pair of Small Foot is being produced and tested in modern facilities in Bulgaria to ensure the best possible experience a snowshoe can bring.

Snowboarding with Small Foot

Peter Dimitrov – Innovator & Founder at SmallFoot