Small Foot Universal

The Universal backcountry choice

Perfect for trail walking from wide­open spaces to rolling hills covered in powder. It is recommended for all wilderness explorers.

The model comes with Classic Pro bindings and detachable Small Foot stainless steel front crampons. Due to the flexible webbing harness, Universal is compatible with any type of hiking, snowboard, and ski boots.


Appropriate for moderate terrains and climbing.



Backcountry, Trail walking & Trekking

Rescue Activities


Freeride Snowboarding and Skiing

Kite Snowboarding


Hang Gliding

Base Jumping

Universal front detachable crampons

The Universal front crampons are used whenever climbing steep slopes and can be detached whenever walking on flat terrains. They are attached with a special Velcro system.

• Weight: 2 x 110 gr
• Dimensions: W 9/ H 4/ L 5
• Material: stainless steel

Universal rear crampons

The additional rear crampons for Universal are very helpful for extra grip on packed snow and steeper slopes. They can be purchased separately from the snowshoes.

• Dimensions: W 9/ H 4/ L 2 cm
• Weight: 2 x 92 gr
• Material: stainless steel


Classic Pro

The Classic Pro bindings represent a classical strap system with metal D­rings used by traditional crampons.


Standard O shaped structure.


Each Small Foot Universal set includes:

● a pair of Universal snowshoes
● a pair of basic mini bags (2 x 24/12/10 cm)
● a mini pump
● a deflation cap
● a repair kit
● an emergency mirror
● an emergency whistle

The SF repair kit includes: 1 TPU sticker; 2 patches from the TPU material; 2 patches from the Cordura; 1 valve core; 1 cap for unwinding the valve core.


Outer layer: CORDURA® 1100, double AC coated
Inner layer: TPU film
“YKK” Zipper
“YKK” D-­rings
“AustriAlpin” Metal rings
Stainless steel crampons
Wear resistant TPU protectors with grip
Thread “Coats”




Natural Movement





Easy to Use



Direct Grip

Tech Specifications

Snowshoe SizeShoe SizesLoad CapacityInflated
L/W/ H
Weight (Without crampons)
LargeEU 37-­47
UK 4­-13
US 6.5­-14
JP 23­-30.5
80­-130 kg
176-­287 lbs
58/31/10 cm
22.8/12.2/3.9 ”
2 x 478 gr
2 x 16.8 oz
MediumEU 34-40
UK 2­-7.5
US 3­-7
JP 21-25.4
30-95 kg
66-210 lbs
51/29/6 sm
20/10.2/3.5 ”
2 x 450 gr
2 x 15.9 oz
Kid-­SEU 28-­36
UK Child 3-­10
US Kids 4­-11
JP 16.5-22.5
18-49 kg
40-108 lbs
44/27/8 cm
17.3/10.6/3.1 ”
2 x 416 gr
2 x 14.7 oz