Let’s learn why Small Foot help you easily traverse areas of deep snow and why they are ideal for all snow activities, light, durable and compact.

Oatway Productions (Canada) are professional Fun-Havers. They make videos and take photos along the way… and а биг fans of Small Foot. Based out of Golden, BC Canada, Oatway Productions is a 2 part company; owned and operated by professional snowboarder, Jessie Oatway.

Part 1 of Oatway Productions is a team of professional fun-havers seeking adventure through different means; snowboarding, skateboarding, dirt-biking, mountain biking, etc. “We document our adventures and make films to promote adventure to others as well as advertise for our sponsors that help make it all possible. On top of that, we do as many community events as we can, including contests and film festivals. We like to give back to our sports and the community to keep the STOKE alive,” says Jessie.

Part 2 of Oatway Productions is Jessie Oatway combining his talents of videography, photography, and social media marketing knowledge. Offering you a gateway to boosting your following and improving your social media feeds.