Small Foot guarantees the high quality of its products. Each model comes with 2 years of warranty. It applies only to products directly purchased from the company or its authorized dealers. The warranty covers manufacturing defects on components, which occur during normal use and are granted at the discretion of the manufacturer. In case of material or manufacturing defect, Small Foot will choose the most suitable way to remove the defect either by replacing a part of or the whole product.

Warranty does not cover damages occurred after:

  • Renting or lending the product to third parties;
  • Incorrect or awry usage of the product;
  • Negligence of usage;
  • Normal wear and tear of the product;
  • External reasons, such as pricking, cutting, abrasion, even when they appear after normal usage;
  • Excessive inflation (max. 0,4 atm);
  • Third parties modification of the product;
  • Damages occurred after accidents;
  • Product discoloration from long sunlight exposure;
  • Improper usage or storing;
  • Using gaiters with metal rivets;

Small Foot is not to be hold responsible for damages or injuries suffered during usage of its products.