The Pocket Snowshoes

The world’s most compact ultralight snowshoes.

Improving the winter mountain experience. . .

So you can enjoy every snowflake of it.

Improving the winter mountain experience. . .

So you can enjoy every snowflake of it.

Small Foot everywhere, Freedom anywhere

Born in the mountains.

Inspired by necessity and our love of nature.

Designed to give you the freedom of snowshoes, without the extra load.

Created to overcome the deepest of snow.

Driven by our belief that safety is a must.


We use the natural force of air by utilizing high-tech materials along with a functional and innovative design. Small Foot is a versatile product with unique functionality based on the simple concept of an inflatable frame.

revolution snowshoes model after inflating
small foot snowshoes mini bag
putting revolution into small foot snowshoes mini bag
revolution snowshoes model before inflating




The deflated snowshoes are easy to carry in a pair of mini bags.


Inflatable means light.


The inflatable structure enhances floatation on the snow.


Adjust to the terrain and minimize stress on the ankles.
Direct Grip

Direct Grip

The open oval shape allows direct contact of the shoe with the terrain providing maximum stability.
Natural Movement

Natural Movement

While walking with Small Foot, you forget that you wear snowshoes at all.


Compatible with all types and sizes of shoes.
Heel Lift

Heel Lift

The Heel Lift System gives you boost even on steep slopes.


The heel grinds into the terrain for additional safety of your downhill journey.


Enable free and safe movement in every direction.


Withstand even the most extreme conditions.
easy to use

Easy to Use

Easy to inflate, deflate, put on and off.

The Product

Conquering the deep snow since inception

universal model small foot
Small Foot Universal 2

The perfect backcountry choice

the new revolution model small foot

Small Foot Musala

The ultimate snowshoes for extreme conditions

alpine model small foot
Small Foot Alpine 2

For trekking & climbing


“Once in soft snow the Small Foot snowshoes feel remarkably good, and I soon forgot I was not wearing the conventional snowshoes I usually use. There is a slightly bouncy feel about them which I liked, also the front does not get stuck in the snow, so that you have to pull your foot back, which is an occasional annoyance with rigid snowshoes.”
Simon Beck

England-based artist

“The inflatable snowshoes are comfortable and stable when walking on snow, light, ergonomic and take little space. We highly recommend these snowshoes for rescue services and extreme situations in the winter.”
Bulgarian Antarctic Institute

“The guides from the Free Mountains Association liked the idea of pocket inflatable snowshoes from the start.
They are perfect for us as they can “sleep” on the bottom of the backpack until we need them.”

Georgi Georgiev

Mountain guide, Free Mountains Association

“I see a lot of potential in these survival specific emergency grab­bag applications. I think they’re perfect for anyone entering the wilderness in winter. They’re tough, easy to use, float really well and pack away very small. I think these would be great in any survival situation.”
John Hudson

Chief Instructor UK SERE

“These innovative snowshoes are multifunctional, light and comfortable to carry, which is very important in extreme situations. Very convenient for work in avalanche fields. Easy to carry for a combination of skiing and emergency snow­shoeing. Advantages over conventional models: inflatable, do not take space, light for carrying, stable in deep snow.”
Mountain Rescue Team Bulgaria

“They are a revolutionary innovation that dramatically improves movement in deep snow in comparison with
regular snowshoes. These inflatable snowshoes are an interesting product that has obviously been designed with a highly user centred approach, ensuring all eventualities are considered.”
Drew Brown

Product designer, innovator

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