Product Care

Following these instructions will help make sure your Small Foot snowshoes have a long life full of adventures.


  1. Take out the snowshoes from the bags and unfold them. Make sure that the zippers on both snowshoes are completely closed. Take out the mini pump. Unscrew the cap from the air valve, put the end of the pump tightly onto the valve and then lift the pump’s thumb up.
  2. Inflate each snowshoe until it takes becomes hard enough. The process takes between 1:30-2:30 minutes depending on the pace of inflation. The maximum pressure is 0.4 atm.
  3. When you are done inflating, remove the pump. Do not forget to screw the cap on the valve tight to avoid the risk of deflation while walking with the snowshoes.
  4. After both snowshoes are inflated, put the crampons (if needed) on the bottom side.
  5. Put on the snowshoes and tighten them up.


  1. After usage, deflate the snowshoes with the special deflation cap included in your set. Unscrew the cap from the valve and then screw the deflation cap all the way down.
  2. The air will start coming out automatically from the holes in the cap. This way you will have your hands free to squeeze all the air out and fold your snowshoes in the compact bags.
  3. Once the snowshoes are fully deflated, unscrew the deflation cap and screw back the metal valve caps.


Before storing the snowshoes for long periods of time make sure you have dried them well.
You can use impregnating spray on the snowshoes.

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