Why should I use Small Foot and not conventional snowshoes?

Small Foot are a lighter and more compact alternative to conventional snowshoes. They're compatible with all types and sizes of shoes. Small Foot are the only snowshoes that offer you direct contact with the snow for more control and stability, as well as minimized ankle stress - you step directly on the terrain with your shoes, while the snowshoes float on the snow. Unlike traditional snowshoes, Small Foot does not require a special walking technique.

What are the differences between the Musala, Universal and Revolution snowshoes?

In short - Musala is our premium model, designed to withstand extreme winter conditions. Universal is our basic model, perfect for backcountry trail walking. Revolution is the predecessor of Musala. It has similar use cases, but a slightly different form factor without a raised front.

For a more detailed comparison, take a look at the table below:





Premium performance in the mixed terrains of the backcountry, appropriate for moderately steep slopes.

Perfect for trail walking from wide-open spaces to rolling hills covered with powder.


Front and rear crampons are attached to the snowshoe.

Detachable front and rear crampons, allowing for safe transport.


An open U-shaped structure that allows for better grip and adaptability during ascends and descends.

A closed O-shaped structure that keeps you stable, but is less adaptable to steeper terrain.

Do the snowshoes crack easily?

Not at all. Small Foot snowshoes are highly durable because of their double layer structure and resistant high tech materials: Cordura, Duraflex, YKK, TPU film.

Want video evidence? Check out our endurance tests - Small Foot remain unscathed after dog bites, parkour on sharp rocks, and even being run over by a jeep.

How do I use the snowshoes?

Using Small Foot is simple - you take them out of the mini bags, inflate them in less than a couple of minutes, and put them on. When you are done, you deflate the snowshoes, fold them up and store them in the mini bags again. We want everyone to be able to conquer the mountains!

For more information, we have a series of Getting Started videos on our YouTube channel.

How long does it take to inflate the snowshoes?

Each snowshoe can be inflated for about 1-2 minutes.

Is traversing/side-stepping possible with Small Foot snowshoes?

We recommend our Musala model for traversal. Traversal performance is not optimal with Small Foot Universal.

For semi-steep slopes you can use Side Stepping (a.k.a. Diagonal Traverse Technique) thanks to the open-ended U structure and rear crampons of Musala. They allow the rear of your foot to have a good grip on the terrain, while the two ends of the snowshoe float on the snow.

For steeper terrains you can use the front-pointing technique. The front crampons grind into the snow and the snowshoes provide floatability that enables you to climb up the slope frontally.

In both cases the front crampons ensure stable grip during ascent, while the rear crampons and open ended U-structure in the back ensure good traction during descent. Small Foot snowshoes do not have hard edges to incise into the snow, but our strap system allows your boots to go below the level of the snowshoes so that your shoe edges incise into the snow for a better grip.

I have a question that's not on this page.

We'll be more than happy to help you! Feel free to reach us using the form in our Contact page or message us at info@smallfoot.eu, as well as Facebook or Instagram.