Pair of Small Foot Musala in the snow


Small Foot – the world’s first inflatable pocket-sized snowshoes – are a unique rider-driven combination of design and functionality.

Established in 2012, every pair of inflatable snowshoes is produced and tested in modern facilities in Bulgaria to ensure premium performance.

Our products were developed with the help of professional athletes, mountain rescue services, emergency teams and military.

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Small Foot used by a snowboarder in the mountain


Small Foot was born in the mountains. The inventor, Peter Dimitrov, is a freeride snowboarder and sports clothing designer. He got stuck in the deep snow while climbing and had a hard time getting out. That's when he came up with our idea of lightweight, compact and easy to pack-and-go snowshoes.

We started prototyping our Universal model in 2011, and in 2012 became finalists at the ISPO BrandNew Awards, as well as the Forbes Business Awards.

Our next big step was a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015, when we raised over €20,000 to create our improved Revolution model. It won a RedDot Design Award in 2016 and a German Design Award in 2017.

In 2016 our snowshoes became NATO-certified and we started supplying them to the UK army.

In 2019 we took our patented inflatable snowshoe design and made it bigger - literally - to create an inflatable stretcher that could be used by rescue services.

In late 2021 we unveiled Musala - our latest model and the definitive Revolution upgrade, featuring a new strap system and raised front for even better contact with steep terrain.

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Patent sketch of inflatable snowshoes

A patented concept

Since coming up with the idea for our inflatable showshoes in 2011, we have obtained patents all over the world, including the US, EU, Canada, Russia, South Korea, China and Japan.

Small Foot in action

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